Abandoned Neighbourhood

I wonder what princess works here.

A quick look inside another abandoned Hanok.

Their Mexican barbwire is nails.

This one house had tons of bags of this stuff.

I don't know this stuff well; convince me this isn't antler-ginseng juice.

A nice old chimney.

Fortune teller's home.

Out one window, I saw back here where there's a pretty substantial hillside of abandoned stuff.

Some gym equipment.

Then I was out the back door and down among here.

Interesting little house.

This is its interior.

One woman.

In bad shape.


Some wall graffiti in one place. Interesting use of pentagrams among religious messages.

Whoops, too bad I can't understand any Korean at all, ever.

People are still living here.

Suggested demolition technique?

This was a temple next to the area.

Last I saw my friends, they were somewhere up there.

I got up higher for a better view.

That dog was barking a lot.

Click for full size.

Two women. I think they were scavengers.

Anyone need a mattress?

Interesting drainpipe.

For a second I wondered if this was related to a particular cult.

Different religion.

My friends were inside this church.

I did not get in due to a car that rolled up.

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