Red Cross Hospital

Group photo.

This was in one of the nearby buildings.

A pretty serious looking washing machine.

Abandoned ambulance.

Trying to get in.

Lots of literature still.

She looks unusually sensual for a very pregnant woman.

A handwritten note from a doctor.

One of those reflector things doctors wore on their heads in old TV shows.

There was a bunch of art in one room.

This cloth had the most artistic value to me.

Paint by numbers.

Curious why there is an image of an interracial orgy.

Moving on.

The operation room is tightly locked.

We found a body.

Down at the front entrance.

That dates this place.

The ER is down the hall.

They think these clothes belong to squatters, who just happened to be away during the daytime.

Looking out the door while people walk by outside.

Outside again.

Surprised to see this here.

Here's an odd building booger that is less smooth than usual. I thought I saw one of my friends touch it for good luck as we walked by.


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