Jeonil Building

The lobby had a sign showing a directory of what was in the building, but it's all been covered up.

A quick shot of the lobby showing the stairs and the elevator in the far left.

The elevator is lit up in the corner.

Signs like this were posted everywhere.

Recovered artwork.

This column, facing out to the street, is peppered with bulletholes, all labeled.

I walked over the floor, before looking down and realised I'd stepped on several bulletholes.

The ceiling tiles also had damage. These weren't ricochets, so either the helicopter was right at the window, or it strafed the window vertically while firing.

Two workers watch us.

Dr. Shin, head of the Gwangju International Center, stands in the middle of the bullet-ridden floor.

The rest of the building will be revitalised, except this one part.

We were authorised personnel!

The view from the roof.

That's one bigass solar panel.

Looks like it would have been almost five years old when the Gwangju Massacre happened.

Some demolition graffiti inside.

A group photo in the elevator, everyone but me and the construction workers.

A few floors down, we found the remains of the previous Gwangju International Center location.

I was attracted immediately to this.

I wonder if he'll keep them.

Part of an old sign.

A necessary photo.

Not too sure what this is now.

Interesting detail back in the lobby.

Dr. Shin with a couple of the city guys who made this possible.

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