Butterfly Island and Oh Mae

Here's the view of the harbour I've known since 1996.

The development further in the distance is much newer as far as I know.

One shot inside Butterfly Island.

Shawn of Oh Mae took me over to his brewery, the location called Oh Mae.

This is a stout flavoured with kimchi. I don't know exactly how he did it, but amazingly it tasted exactly like kimchi beer. And it was amazing.

Here's the shot that shows him pounring out a drink with the brewery equipment in the background.

He said he is into natural carbonation, which is something I don't totally understand, but it did seem to mean he had to pour out a lot of beer as foam.

The inside of the red door, which his wife said was the most expensive feature of the place.

He dropped me off in the hotel district outside Yeosu Bus Terminal, where I took this.

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