Yeosu Expo Grounds

Well there's a nice hotel.

I've since decided the "Logo" logo is a tagger placing stickers everywhere.

There's one of the hotels.

A view of the same from higher up. Note there seems to be an elevator that helps people reach the summit where the statue is.

Looking down over the Expo grounds.

There's the statue, which from this distance I assume is Lee Sun-shin.

And that's Odongdo.

The Big-O.

The small-o.

This path over the water isn't in the greatest of shapes.

Looking toward the Theme Pavilion, which is abandoned.

From here we can see more of the harbour.

Not sure what this is but it's broken.

These benches are broken.

Looking back at the main Expo center.

Some donors or whatever.

Heading out, seeing this sign pointing back in.

Sunset approaches.

Another look at the international pavilion area.

A bit more of a panoramic view.

Up on the top floor, it was just weird utopian futuristic stuff.

One tree.

A trampoline park.

Looking down on the main area.

And now time for this thing.

WTF is this?

I took this on the elevator goingup, showing some sort of new construction.

When I was up top I did not like it and I wanted to get down ASAP. I photographed this scale model of what we were in.

Back down on Earth. This shows the three main hotels of the area.

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