Yeosu Aquarium

So yeah, there are raccoons, the first animals I saw on entering.

They are lively and playful, or murderous, not sure.

A big fight.

This one just wants to get out.

Next were some kind of penguins.

Also, "hey let's wait for this door to open."

Not the same kind of door.

I had no idea a beluga was so short, skeletally.

Anyway, here are the real belugas.

The longest is probably about four meters in length.

Watching the seals.

They seemed to like swimming in formation.

There was sort of a periscope viewing dome where you could see them more up close. I hope they like the attention.

Here's a baikal seal swimming by.

This is the top of the beluga tank. That white line is one of the whales.

Noting the exit point.

A turtle.

This kid was feeding the fish, which seemed to be allowed here.

Not these fish though. Piranhas.

These fish look like they only feed off of Instagram likes.

Tanks on top of tanks.

More of them.

This is the big underwater tank.

With a ray flying by.

From another angle.

A smaller tank.

This is a fish that opens its mouth to let smaller sfish clean out its mouth.

Here's a cage intended to introduce new fish into an aquarium.

An eel tank, in which an eel shares quarters with an ugly fish whose species name I can't remember.

A more problematic situation with fish in tubes.

A ray flies overhead, with its underside visible.

This is the underwater city.

Are the flowers necessary?

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