Yeosu Expo Area

And here's where I arrived, where the train dropped me off.

Out front, there's a turtle ship, and in the background is Sky Tower, made out of a couple concrete silos that were refurbished for the Expo.

A better look.

The entrance to the former International Pavilion area. The ceiling is a huge LED that normally shows an underwater scene.

Here's a map that shows the area, sort of.

The tall statues wandering through the middle.

A beter view of what the ceiling is, and its limitations.

A quiet corner. These escalators, exposed to the outside air, have been covered up for their own protection.

Another look at the structure.

Another building.

Feel the Big-O. Dream the Big-O.

And there's the Big-O. Signs seem to say it's active in warmer months.

This picture shows some actual damage, something that was not entirely easy to find in the area.

This is the zip line going over the water.

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