Here's the view from the entrance.

Some information about it.

More information.

The front gate guard post.

This shack was unmanned at the time.

Lots of patriotic sites nearby.

The map of this.

Another look at the elevated restaurant thing, which hopefully would spin.

The buildings ahead.

The ice on the ground was coming from a loose tap inside, which basically filled up the building's main floor and basement with ice.

The building. A dog was running around on the roof section on the right.

You can see the issue with ice here.

This room is frozen.

This room looks like it's in bad shape, and I didn't see an easy way inside.

Frozen books.

The basement is frozen out.

Here's the way into that flying saucer place.

The door is thoroughly locked.

Heading back down.

There's the guard dog. It's confined to this roof and some internal parts of the same building. Seemed to like the treats I brought.

You can see the ice running downhill from that leak.

Some displays knocked over.

A random statue on the grounds.

Okay, this is probably the main building.


There was an area inside for weddings maybe.

This is that weddings building.

The back of a hotel structure.

The view in the distance.

The internal stairs were dark and intimidating.

But there was beer on the roof.

Somewhere on that is wehre the dog was.

And there's the circular building.

A wider shot.

More beer.

Here's that Korean-ish structure out back.

A bunch of abandoned thins.

Some abandoned TVs. Remember when these were valuable?

Some art.

This Jesus picture, at least I'm assuming what it is, is right before the door leading to the roof dog.

Heading downhill.

This one building was in slightly better shape and I didn't get too close.

By which I mean I got this close.

Another look up at the disc.

The guard shack on the way out.

The sign post with the flag.

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