Another Abandoned Neighbourhood

From here it just looks like a dustbowl.

I had originally been attracted to this view of an excavator tearing down a building with N Seoul Tower in the background.

Inside one apartment, I found this little attic entrance.

Going to take a wild guess this is an eviction notice. I'm going through pictures fast so if anyone has any more useful information, please contact me.

Between the buildings.

Lots of crazy spiral staircases here.

This one on the inside of a building is less intimidating.

Behind the curtains.

I liked some of the entrances here, how they were oddly steep such as this one.

This one looks fun too.

Here's a star.

Broken pottery.

Looking out a window.

Dead fish. These are used as some sort of good luck charm, not sure exactly how.

This is purely not Korean.

Terribly peeling wallpaper in the same room with Minnie.

Another notice.

That excavator is still at it.

Wider view.

I have to walk down that.

Not totally apparent but the landing in the lower right is a full storey higher than the street. Around here I was in cat saving mode.

Someone left cat food and water. The water was frozen solid.

The little circular thing was left by me, but I'm starting to realise it isn't good enough for cats, as the sound of an opening can sends them running but this does not. Will have to switch back to full cat food cans in the future.

These ice chunks are previous attempts to give water to stray cats.

Just a hose.

I don't know enough Hanja to tell you if the names match up.

This is somewhere else over in Huam-dong on the way home.

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