Seen from the front. Notice the shape of the row of windows that are narrow.

Not the sort of sign you expect to see when entering a torture chamber.

This is the floor where prisoners were kept.

Someone left flowers in one room.

This seemed to be more an art piece than an actual board game.

This washroom had everything.

This was the room where Bak Jong-chul was kept, interrogated, and tortured to death in 1987.

Looking out a back window over the train tracks, seeing flags fluttering in the wind.

A signboard in another part of the structure showed a scene from the 1988 Olympics, held ironically in another building by Kim Swoo-geun.

Forced fingerprinting.

Hardh behavior during investigation.

This is the wall of human rights.

Here's a student carrying a portrait of Bak Jong-cheol six days after his death.

A newspaper page I'm assuming is about his death.

More of a collage, I think related to the Gwangju Massacre.

Ryan heads upstairs on this narrow spiral staircase.

According to this, the spiral staircase was for prisoners to go all the way up to the floor where they were imprisoned.

We peeked behind a curtain as part of the impending remodeling, and saw these two cop mascots. Guessing these things weren't torturing student activists. That would be a little more horrifying.

A furnace out back.

Inside a building behind the furnace, with a not that old calendar on teh wall.

Looks bleak, but as far as I know it was unrelated to the prisoners.

Weird fake bear cop traffic pylons.

On the grounds within the compound we found some prostitute calling cards.

The main gate, with the office where we signed in.

Oour goal was to dig up newspapers from the Pak Jong-cheol death.

First acknowledgement was six days after his death.

A closer look at the sketch of the room where he was kept.

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