Santa vs The Host

I stopped by the main entrance, only to find active workers there. There was at least one worker inside the ceiling, somewhere up in the upper left corner. I was reasonably convinced we could quietly walk by, but chose the other route which would leave all the risk to the end.

So we started at the Bone Tunnel entrance.

Just as I expected, Benzene is detected in the waters downstream of Yongsan Garrison.

I got Matt to stand in position so I could adjust stuff.

Santa enters the picture!

This was an attempt to obscure Santa's facial features. Somehow it doesn't work.

Group photo. Why don't they look more excited to be with Santa?

Advancing into the Bone Tunnel.

I thought I saw something moving in the shadows ahead, so it was time to light it up.

One lone ricochet. These fireworks seemed lower quality than usual.

Santa can still blow shit up with them.

The trek out to that point and back, during a long exposure.

Is that a giant smurf?

The beard isn't quite on right.

Santa is about to sneeze.

Santa pops a squat.

Another look back at the Bone Tunnel entrance.

That staircase is one way out, but when we scouted it earlier there was an old guy sitting in full view of the other side.

And here we emerge back at the river, where we started. All workers are gone for the day.

Looking across the river during blue hour.

We went to the train tracks bar for a few drinks while we waited for a restaurant to let us in. This cat was happy to entertain us.

Anyway, we got in at the restaurant.

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