This cargo bay door has a decent vocabulary list for anyone who wants to understand urban renewal issues better. "Yongsan Disaster forgotten," "united struggle," "against urban renewal."

Many of the stores here have signs out front showing relocation sites.

I wandered into the back alleys.

Some of the paths are cut off by demolition blankets.

The hand-painted signs are an aesthetic touch.

This is behind the blankets now.

The floor inside one shop.

I found one slightly larger area behind a shop where this big hole was.


In the middle of the fenced area was this mini-excavator, in front of a structure I suspected was in use at the time.

I turned around and headed back, while admiring the handpainted signs along the way.

Inside a very small office building, I found a bookshelf with these two bowling balls on top.

More winding through the alleys.

Further in I found some restaurants.

Good idea, just leave this stuff lying around.

Ahead, I heard a crying kitten. As I got closer, rather than shut up or run, he crawled out of the wreckage and came toward me.

I had some cat food on me, so I gave him a meal. Judging by his fur and the state of his nose, he's been suffering exposure problems due to the cold, maybe exacerbated by a recent rain.

He came right at me.

The cat food is on the ledge.

It falls off so he eats it like this.

This is where I found him, coming out from behind the blue fence to the right.

I tried to set up a shelter where he could warm up, out of a small box and a worker's jacket. He didn't seem to get the concept of shelter.

He wanted to follow me, which worried me in case he had a mother who would come back to him.

This is inside one of the taller buildings in the demolition area.

A sign on the wall about monthly rent.

Looking down over the area.

Seen from the top of the building. Click for full size.

Same house as in the last picture, just from ground level.

Lots of shoes.

This was one of the ways into the closed area.

Another anti-redevelopment sign.

More anti-redevelopment graffiti.

The exacavator waits to destroy more.

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