Yongsan Park Gallery Opens

A bunch of Korean government officials and USFK personnel stand in front.

I started to take notes on one speech. Then I just photographed the speech.

The big moment.

The sign comes down, revealing the new sign.

Some historic pictures inside.

I'm not so sure why the Religious Retreat is named prominently here.

More about where we are now.

Historic photos of the building.

More about the Far East District which is also disappearing.

A map of Yongsan Garrison showing the bus route for the tour.

There is a new location for Yongsan FM here, though I expect they'll continue using their facility in HBC, which is close to the people who use it.

This dragon moves when you hold down a button.

A map from around liberation of the Yongsan Station area. I believe this is USAG Yongsan deputy commander Steven Ryan. Hope I got his title right.

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