American Thanksgiving

Here's what I brought, pollack stew.

This is the interior: freeze-dried fish and various sauces and seasonings.

I should've added the dry seasoning much later, as it was absorbed in before anyone could taste it.

Here are the other things I brought, most of which weren't used.

Still unopened.

I was advised not to open this, as it is actually for making kimchi, rather than a kimchi-flavoured condiment.

These bear-shaped cookies were not very good.

The soju bottle was stored sideways in the fridge and about half of the liquid leaked out.

We didn't open this, but later I brought it to a barbecue restaurant and had it with barbecue meat, which tasted quite good.

Qute a lot of this is gibberish to South Koreans.

Still haven't opened.

Opened, tried it, no clue what it is.

Keunyoung seems preoccupied with the sign.

Sean's mom wants her picture taken.

They really liked these hats.

Trash tries to get it on Songi.


Apparently Keunyound remarked earlier that this was a house for kids, to which Trash retorted, "This is a house for adultery!"

His face says it all.

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