Northern Seoul

This is up around Danggogae Station, where I missed out on a neighbourhood with a fair amount of occupation-era architecture.

This is an area I've been trying to find again after a much earlier visit. Quite a lot of it has the signs of a moon village that quietly developed into a more modern area.

Check out how the corners of the taller brick apartments are built to accommodate the house.

A garden path.

I totally forget what interested me about this previously.

A dog watches me.

I went out of my way to get a closer look at this bell. I had to cram into a gateway to photograph it from this angle, which brought out a protective woman. I said I was interested to see the bell, and I asked her its name. "Jong" (bell) she replied.

Seen from under an elevated train line.

A climbing wall in a city park.

This sign tells you how fast you're going. I remember passing one once, and it gave some outrageously high number. Then an SUV buzzed past me.

A couple of contrasting signs.

A look at plans to parkify the Gyeongchun Line.

I pulled over when I found the entrance to an underground river I hadn't seen before.

This side probably runs under this road.

This one could go on for quite a distance.

This cat ran from me pretty quickly.

They're restoring this part of the stream.

And this part, through the curtains, they are not.

It is more fun exploring in open-air places.

This is Line 4 at the northeastern end.

I liked the idea of naming an apartment complex after military camptowns.

Looking over a corner of a slum.

A larger corner of it.

And the main part.

Click for full version.

They don't normally celebrate American Thanksgiving here.

The entrance to an abandoned house, tied off with cable.

More stairs.

Inside, there appears to be fire damage. The roof seems to have been placed after the fire to hide the interior.


Some nice fridge magnets.

Heading up to the hill behind it, and a look at the additional roof.

I found cat food, and figured someone else must be coming here, so I started to leave.

One quick look to see if there's a better escape uphill. Probably not.

A quick look from the front. The houses below to the right are probably all inhabited.

This building, which was still active aboveground, had a basement noraebang with flooding with some awful-looking rust-coloured water.

A look from another roof.

You can see the abandoned house.

Elsewhere, I was curious what this big Japanese-looking building was.

A better view that shows the structure. restaurant.

Neon dolphin.

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