I can't totally see who this statue is of but he's in front of Namsan Library.

Looking into Shinheung Market.

"Cake," probably the one single word that most efficiently declares gentrification.

This is the Haebangchon Urban Regeneration Office.

Here's a map they have of the HBC area.

They had this picture hanging on a wall showing a very ambitious remodeling design for Shinheung Market. Quite obviously attempting to build this would destroy the local community.

This is the HBC Community Center they will open soon.

One storefront in the side of the market opened to this gaping cavity.

So that's a dude, and he's not wearing pants, right? Very not appetising.

Following down along the wall to the base on the right.

And that's HBC.

This is probably a more familiar view of HBC, albeit from more up close.

I like how the neighbourhoods curve around that point. The one in the upper right doesn't have any kind of clever branding name yet and is sort of a quiet but difficult to reach alternative.

Click for full panorama.

There's Boseong Girls High School at the top.

Not sure which one the church on the right is.

Over there you can see Yongsan Garrison. On the upper left, the tall house with the sort of Asian style roof, is Dragon Hill Lodge.

A look at the roof I was on. I tripped over a lot of stuff up there. Not one of the safer ones.

Looking at Namsan Tunnel 2 I think.

And back up on Sowol-gil.

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