I could see down into Yongsan Garrison from here. I believe I've taken a bus up that road leading straight uphill.

Some of the nicer looking housing on post, in my opinion, though there are other sections that have less density.

Not sure what all that is.

Other side, you can see Itaewon. There's the Hamilton Hotel on the left, with the Grand Hyatt way up in the upper left corner, and the mosque in the upper right.

I had never seen this ugly pink building in the middle of it before.

Just a closer look at the slope under the mosque.

And the Hamilton. When you're in Itaewon you tend to think of it as a flat area. I guess that's just because the road traverses the slope, because it is sloped as fuck.

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I'm not totally sure what the tree area is. I think it is probably US military.

All these Itaewon pictures were through glass.

Oh yeah and there is one demolition site.

This is the roof I was on. No way to properly see Yongsan Garrison unless you cross over those beams and walk on that corrugated roof, which I wasn't prepared to do.

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