The Tits at Club SHARP

The clock froze as they set up, sensible for a band that had come to another country and deserved more than ten minutes on stage.

The sound engineer came out on stage to talk with them.

The show starts.

Fifty seconds in.

As always, it was not an easy night for a show photographer.


Then Jihwan obliterated his guitar.

Outside...dealing drugs?

Next band was Black Pink.

Apparently there's another band going by that name. These guys were better.

I can now say I've punched a member of Black Pink.

The other Black Pink probably isn't cool enough to dress like this.

Or dance like this.

He does not look happy.

Or sober.


Time for Find the Spot. Changeun says it's somewhere up there.

You have 6:48 left to live! Hardly time to be taking cellphone pictures.

Just like old times, the makgeolli man showed up.

Dinner time.

Aisling is leaving soon.

Dan is injured, but you should see the other guy. Seriously: I hear he was just walking downhill and tripped and fell, so the other guy was just the Earth. But have you seen the awful shape that thing is in? So yeah, you should see the other guy.

Yisang can't go to a show without outdressing everyone else.

Looks like some diva shit from one of the members of Black Pink.

Gotta stay hydrated.

After, at the Chinese restaurant with Pierre.

Korean and Japanese punks.

Do you remember that shirt? I got sick of that shirt in 1995.

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