Mullae Roofs

I hit a roof to get a better look at the area.

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This is the more gentrified side.

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The four-storey building right up at the street is where Skunk Hell is.

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After scouting from the previous rooftop, I headed for another rooftop where I had to take an external staircase up.

This filthy Hello Kitty greeted me.

I see a metal band logo in this peeling paint.

Looking back over Mullae. The white building that looks three storeys roughly in the middle of this picture is where Skunk is.

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I had never been aware of that area before.

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I'm curious about this strip of park and unconnected buildings running through the area. What was this before that they built it?

The ginkgo leaves were turning.

I couldn't capture it but the yellowness slowly runs down and replaces the green.

Some fun with colour editing.

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