A view of GBN I don't think I've seen before.

From the roof of the same building.

This section is still heavily in use and quite unpleasant during the day. The alleys are wider than the other area that's heavily gentrified.

A mural on the roof with me. Appropriate for this area.

Somewhere in that building is an art gallery or something. Hard to tell before dark.

That rooftop had something going on. Turned out later it was an artist's exhibition opening party.

A bit of a contrast.

I went to another roof to see straight up this alley.

Gas tanks or whatever that kind, shielded from the elements by a broken asbestos tile.

The gnome of Mullae-dong. This thing must have a name or something.

This is taken from on top of the building Skunk Hell is in.

As is this. I believe this Dead Buttons music video was filmed somewhere down there.

Good to know they encourage loving the police.

This art space is now in the building.

Unisex washroom.

The corner of the area.

I slipped into an alley to explore the area better.

This place on the right caught my eye.

That statue is pretty messed up.

This poster really interested me. At first I thought it depicted the Yongsan Disaster.


It looks like she just opened here.

This weird little thing almost ran me over.


This is Vinyl House, owned by the same guy who owns DIP. It is basically a structure built entirely within an open space in the building.

Less glare now.

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