Jenny Woo at Club SHARP

Sure you are, instant coffee.

Here's Talkbats.

Billy Carter did a show with their two-piece original lineup.

Our suits had a little competition. Yisang wins, mainly because I left the pants of my Yanggakdo Leisure Suit at home.

Time for Jenny Woo. I spent most of the set with my phone out rather than my camera.

Last was Seoul Dolmangchi. A ton of guys showed up from the Cheonan show and I let them in for free.

They got Jinsuk to fill in for Youngsam.

It was a pretty raucous set. Ideal time for the boys to show off in front of Jenny Woo.

Changeun went for a ride.

Jenny Woo doesn't eat meat, but she is the meat in a Billy Carter sandwich.

With both kissing.

And one with Songi.

And of course with Yisang.

JP came back from Cheonan with something Jenny left behind, revealed in tomorrow's gallery.

Janghyup looks like a skinhead, if you can ignore what's under his hat.

That's one helluva bowtie.

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