Jenny Woo at DIP

An apt sentiment for Hongdae area.

I picked her up at the airport where she had many energy drinks.

We went to a gimbap cheonguk for food.

She was a fan of bibimbap.

Here is Demented Animals, as I think it's translated.

Here's the list. I'm assuming many of the early and late names are DJs.

Now here's Dead Buttons.

First time I saw them with Goyang.

Here's Full Garage.

Now it's time for Jenny Woo.

As you can tell, it was a very intimate concert. Free unlimited tequila and vodka helps.

Jae-hyeon's about two fingers away from getting blacklisted on Korean Punk and Hardcore.

At this show I discovered why most photographs of Jenny's live shows are of her from behind.

Rescuing a lost mic.

This guy spent the ...Whatever That Means set on the floor in front of the drums. Not sure if he was stabilising the drums or just drunk.

Jenny talks with Moe.


Janghyup, who owns and operates his own Korean hair farm, shows his face.

Let's stick her in.

French fry party!

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