Zandari Festa

I saw Lunch, or Joongshiki Band, starring the former frontman of Tungzin Braza (Empty Brassiere).

Joongshik becomes Cornholio.

I went to Steel Face to see Drinking Boys and Girls Choir. They seem to be the next big band coming out of Korea.

Mid-set brawl!

The octopus is correct: not a bad toilet at Steel Face. Sort of an issue there's only one for the whole place though.

The former Hello Kitty Cafe still seems closed.

I ran into Ana interviewing DBGC on the roof.

I stuck around for Heynam Shin and the Patients.

Then I ran over to FF for ...Whatever That Means.

I got very sick of this beer that night. Also, Hondae.

I ended up at the British showcase at MUV Hall. This is Love Ssega.

Doug gave me a tour of the backstage workings of the stage.

Time for Glen Matlock.

Just a few hours earlier we spoke in interview about how annoying it is when people all film a show with their phones.

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