The US flag was at half mast for John McCain.

Here's the front guard shack for the former US vice ambassador compound.

This shows a rough map of the nonexistent part of Deoksu Palace.

Here's a historic photo of one of the colonial houses.

And here's the real thing.

Hollowed out in the earth was this little room.


The picture on the sign shows the house in the 1990s when it was still in US hands.

And there's the house.

There was a crowd gathered.

This door leads to another underground chamber.

Connected with this one.

I climbed up the bluff next to the wall for a better view of this house.

It was weedy and there were lots of tiny birds.

This view shows the other house, standing in front of an abandoned highrise building.

I had a quick look over the line but didn't bother going inside.

This path leads to the former Russian Legation.

This one leads to an empty alley that doesn't seem to lead anywhere too sensitive.

As seen here.

Heading back.

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