High Street Market

Here's the view from out front.

The basement had a noraebang.

I didn't look around much as my flashlight was dead. Looked mostly empty though.

Interior of a room.

Heading up to the restaurant.

Not much left.

Sort of late 1980s shopping mall decor.

The menu looked good.

An Indian(?) restaurant further up, which must've had beds instead of tables.

Higher up, I found a goshiwon.

It's basically impossible to photograph the rooms, but here's a layout showing how many little cramped rooms there are.

Roof couch.

The view overlooks this intersection leading to the hospital.

A pretty elaborate mural probably mostly only visible to people in the hotel.

Lots of old TVs at the goshiwon.

I wonder if Piz Burger made its escape.

Here's a view of the Hannam New Town project. As best as I can tell, this design would come very close to Itaewon Station, wiping out Halal Hill, Homo Hill, and one side of Hooker Hill (which will disappear anyway). It will spare most of what's west of Bogwang-ro, although it's obvious what's inevitable.

And that's the global realty we face.

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