Here's Jon in the alley outside Dip.

And here's a random building across the street from Club SHARP.

Liam gives me his best Mantenna impression.

In this picture, Jon loses his glasses, which fall somewhere directly under his head. After, he safely retrieves them, telling an alarmed me he has an instinct for where they land.

See? Back on his head.

Liam is like "Where are my glasses? Wait, did I ever really have glasses?"

Anyway, let's start taking real pictures.

This and the next few are easily some of my favourite live pictures this year.

Always gotta give the drummer love.

The upward blue streak makes Jon look a little demonic here.

Hold on, is he wearing a bathing suit?

Hey, I managed to get all three of them in frame!

Or are those just boxers?

And there's Ken in the background.

Paul Simonon Stare!

See if you can figure out what that purple aura is.

I had to get one of Ken in my way, although he never actually really got in my way at all.

Wandering around somewhere in Mangwon.

Why would I want to stick a skeg?

Get a room you two!

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