Fortunately GBN kept the lights on, making it significantly easier to photograph the band.

Here's a proper brother and sister shot.

I got a lot of decent drummer shots.

Then I started playing with the exposure. This is what I used to do 10 years ago, back when these two stil lived in Korea.

This is probably the overall best.

I hurried over to Aaron.

This was when Amanda first noticed me.

There was a mini-Chadburger reunion, just one song.

Tel was launched.

My lens had fogge up. I believe the guy second from left was one of the Indonesians at the show. They sometimes show up in a group, and it's always great to see.

Huh, a giant hammer.

A couple of these pictures make Changeun of Find the Spot look like a gangster.

Aaron seems okay with the restaurant's vegetarian food.

This guy was from France.

Yuying sat with us and I guess tried to look like a gangster himself.

Sorry, not buying it.

Hanging out in the inner corridor, figuring out where to go next.

We went to another place for more beer.

The happy couple.

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