Check out this cat hanging out on a windowsill. We were pretty sure the cat was inside a screen and was smushed up against the window.

My company for the night.

This place has lots of seats.

This is the stage, which is about large enough for a drumkit.

Not sure what some of this stuff is, just photographing for inventory.

They left a drone.

And a punching bag.

By which I mean the thing on the left.

There was lots of liquor left here. Basically we were like urban explorers in here.

Okay, normally urban explorers don't drink what they find.

Or look through coins to see if there's anything valuable.

Or get phone calls from the current owner and proceed to negotiate stuff.

Lots of liquor skulls.

This is the upper level.

Very impressive, this alley has a laser-broadcast announcement about firetrucks.

We went to a cutlet restaurant nearby.


We stopped by Robert's zoo, I mean apartment.

He petsits various species, including dogs, cats, and other.

Coetzer goes to town on a poor innocent punching bag.

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