When the Feverish Fail

A quick group shot I took in front of SHARP. WIthout the time to do it properly I'm not so proud of the results. Fortunately Trash got a good shot on her phone, with them lightpainted by my flash at a weird angle.

Graham adjusts his dentures.

Jaehyeon lets out a blast of Kitsch power.

The girl on the right said she is working on a heavy metal documentary. I didn't manage to retain any other information about her, but my other friends who've released similar documentaries are interested to find out more.

I ran into a big group of punk girls trying to get into the door on the right. I turned them to the door on the left.

Turns out I was already Facebook friends with Meena of Drinking Boys and Girls Choir. I don't think we had met before, so my first memory of her will always be her saying it's okay if we use the washroom at the same time. I waited outside.

I have not yet figured out her relationship with Jeff.

When I took this I really wanted it to be the cover for the next Broke.

This hair farmer looks sort of like Janghyup.

Jeff really likes his smart watch.

Only in Korea, if you pass out in public, will people wake you up to ask if you want more to drink.

Trash, your evidence for divorce court.

Jaehyeon was just on fire tonight as a model.

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