Sungkyunkwan Renovations

On the way in, these bars are very noticeable.

I photographed this sign explaining what's going on. Looks like it's mostly centered around Bicheondang, which had previously sat isolated from the complex on an ugly tarmac.

This picture shows an earlier configuration. Everything looks mostly in place, and I suspect the row of huts in the foreground are just off modern-day campus, or just on it.

From uphill, here is Myeongnyundang, and in front of it a new-looking gate entrance to the old campus.

There's Bicheondang.

The wall back here is chewed up.

This also means I can see the backside of Seoje, the western dormitory, which previously had been locked up.

That's quite a serious trench. I'm guessing they're doing some major landscaping.

And that trench, I just don't know what to make of.

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