Up to Cheorwon

Somewhere on my way to Namyangju, I saw these monstrosities along the side of the road.

Looks like they're building a bridge.

Some nice lakeside properties.

Hoo boy.

This is the Cheongpyeong Dam.

Time to get back on the road.

I liked this slightly Googie style on the washroom signs.

This cop stopped me for no reason and then just stood there for the next five years.

After that, I reached the entrance to Dramatic Cheorwon.

Wow look, it's Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols!

Having fulfilled my duty, I wandered around aimlessly.

These guys had the right idea about where to watch the festival.

Then we ran into another guy who could have passed as a Sex Pistol, only he was a little shorter with more cleavage.

"Give Peace a Chance!" and there's the answer staring it in the face.


I went over to the Peace Stage to see SsingSsing perform.

Due to the irritation of festivals' large scale, this was the most dramatic picture I could get of them.

I went across the street to find an ATM and took this picture of the police line in front of the pavilion.

Behind the cops was the military.

And then after than things just got nuclear...family.

This one guy was parading around with a skeleton on a stick for some reason.

Meanwhile over at the Play Stage, where there was grass, people were dug in.

We saw Jambinai.

When I think of hippie in Korea, this is what I picture.

I wandered through the old amusement park.

Someday it'll be the two Koreas vs Disney's IP lawyers.

Lots of tents set up.

Conjoined twins.

A more inter-generational case of conjoinment.

More conjoined twins.

Golden hour approaches.

This thing offered train rides throughout the grounds.

This was one of the kinder festivals when it came to press credentials.

I do not want to type in that URL but this is probably some sort of scam.

Selfie time!

The real Glen Matlock takes the stage, except that isn't really him.

Lots of flags, and the moon. I saw another flag later that seemed to be very pro-Moon Jae-in.

Bubble boy.

Two pieces fro one peace. Glen Matlock read that off this towel at one point. Cha-cha, former No Brain singer, joined Glen.

If I remember correctly, they did two songs together.

The second song was country style, if I recall properly.

Two pairs of two.

Then Glen invited Crying Nut out.

Sort of wishful thinking but I'm in.

I got a couple interesting pictures of Sang-myun, one of the two twins of Crying Nut.

I wandered down through the crowd where people had all sorts of light sticks.

I always find it inspiring to see images like this of older Koreans enjoying punk music.

Meanwhile, younger Koreans aren't so much on board.

Inevitably, Crying Nut invited Glen back on stage.

Feeding him the mic.

I think the best photos I've gotten in a while are of (ex-)members of No Brain, Sex Pistols, and Crying Nut singing together.

The first song they did together was Crying Nut's "Maldalija," which Glen soldiered through on, I thought well enough especially considering the precedent set by the actual Sex Pistols.

I've described this team-up as "wish fulfillment."

And I don't think anyone in this picture would disagree.

Meanwhile, Insoo was feeding the audience the mic.

There weren't that many punks out there, but everyone seemed to be aware enough of what they were seeing.

Captain Rock signs off.

Insoo's accordion never ends.

When they started talking about doing a group photo, I ran into the no-man's-land in front of the stage before figuring out they were posing looking backward at the audience, at which point I sprinted up on stage.

A bit of wish fulfillment on my part too, to be able to take this shot.

After, there were speeches. In red was Martin Elbourne, who I didn't get to meet properly, but that just means I probably have a great interview to look forward to next time.

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