Korea vs Sweden

We hit a roof just as the golden hour was fading.

I expect someday not too far off that grouping of buildings will be torn down.

Seoullo before dark.

Then the lights came on. The bridge lights seem purple.

And the Seoul Square skyscraper animations began.

I gave Kat permission to show her true form.

It was a tense game. This is the only one Korea had any chance of not losing badly.

We decided to use my media credentials to get on top of Seoul Metropolitan Library.

It was difficult getting a wide enough perspective of the crowd.

This one went well. That billboard on the upper left was always changing, having a major effect on the square.

I guess this shows about half the devil horns, which flicker.

Some of the other media people up here.

I figured why not get a couple of these.

Remembering where I parked.

Time for some rooftop Kat pictures.

She's holding my phone which illuminates her.

We saw this guy, who had some interesting signs.

He seems to be calling out Korea's past anti-democratic and conservative leaders as Japanese collaborators or descended therefrom. Of all the invectives I could hurl at Rhee Syngman, chinilpa is not one of them.

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