HBC South

It is awkward ordering any drinks here.

I arrived in time to see Texas Flood. They were exactly the sort of music I wanted to hear sitting around a ville outside a US base.

I went to three of the participating venues, but mostly this one.

It was hard getting a photo that made it look crowded, but this was probably the best I did.

After that I wanted to go run the ville, as Bascom and Sueno would say.

The main road is being torn up for renovations for the first time in decades, I'm told.

Huh, they also have a Wolfhound here.

I guess Juicy doesn't mean what it used to.

Every ville has a mama selling burgers or pizza.

I'm assuming this is what it would mean if you see it in Seoul.

Lots of wasted space here and there.

I tried calling to these two cats on a roof.

Then they disapeared through a hole in this roof you can sort of see in this blowup.

This restaurant name seems to allude to a pansori character.

Anyway, I went up to the roof of one of the tallest buildings.

You can see the festival in the alley to the lower left, where there's a green tent in the alley. Try not to look further beyond that.

In this direction, lots of housing, lots of land that looks like it's in a specualtive holding pattern.

Looking away from the base.

A small park nearby.

Some construction.

Anyway, back to Revolucion for Octopoulpe.

The crowd liked JP a lot more than I expected.

Note that one little patch of hair he has.

Barbecuing in the background.

This guy came out to have a look, and walked back looking satisfied, maybe either with the spectacle or savouring calling the police.

A moment of eye contact.

And yeah, there are the police.

The Coals warm up.

The guy next to me made sure I notice this foot tambourine.

Outside Maloney's South.

Ordering a drink in Maloney's.

Back at Revolucion.

I decided to hit the roof.

Where I was earlier.

They have a decent garden up here.

With bathtubs.

I went out to the ville again.

Louis' was also part of the festival.

Mama appears to be sleeping.

I went to Bearpaw for food. This place is basically the new Rocky Mountain Tavern, which left Itaewon some time ago.

Judging by the schedule, this was Matty Grols.

This bucket in the washroom had sort of a human face.

Then I caught the train back.

I spotted a rare dining car. I'm guessing this is the Mugunghwa to Iksan.

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