RASKB Garden Party 2018

Over at Seoul Station, there was another "Free Our Princess" rally by Park Sa Mo.

If there was any doubt, yes, they are still harping on about her. This picture was flipped horizontally to make the sign text easier to read.

I found another protest in front of Deoksugung, same cause. Note the Israeli flag and Park Chung-hee face on a flag.

Plenty of flags to buy to show your patriotism toward the daughter of a dictator.

Fortunately the British Embassy compound was far more peaceful. Pictured is Korea Times columnist Choe Chong-dae who writes a lot of diplomacy-type stuff

Here's Julia of The Sool Company and Maria of Wonderful, preparing to serve artisanal traditional Korean alcohol.

A run-in with Jocelyn Clark.

Turns out there was a hairstylist there, and he even made a video. Here he is pictured with Annabelle, whose great-grandfather was an important early missionary to Korea.

Two familiar names to The Korea Times readers. On the right is Donald Kirk, who made my trip to Jeju back in March way more interesting. On the left is a senior editor who has a hard anti-fools policy. He's asking Don, "Shouldn't you be in Singapore?"

Detok Makgeolli, a nonperishable powder that you can take anywhere in the world, and in 48 hours you can make makgeolli. Great concept, but needs some tweaking to serve the homebrewers who've dispersed all over the world.

Alan Timblick showed up with his wife, looking pretty good. To the right is the new British ambassador.

On the left is Jang Seong-hyeon, a former Korean ambassador to the US.

I went up on the embassy's grassy knoll for a better vantage point.

And I asked Brother Anthony to introduce me to Ambassador Simon Smith.

Brother Anthony and Tom led the raffle from atop the grassy knoll.

Behind them, an unidentified woman, with an unplacable accent.

This is the picture that ran in the paper.

I took what I think is a very nice picture of these two on a bench off to the side in the garden. Somewhere up and behind them is a bee farm.

Checking raffle numbers.

Don Kirk meets Peter Bartholomew.

I think this is a pretty good shot of Sophie Bowman.

Yonjoo sells more books.

They asked me to take a group shot.

Alan and Jeremy.

Meanwhile, they're still up on the grassy knoll.

Mr Choi has some cheongju sangria.

And poses with the maker.

And another Mr Choi wants in.

About to be photobombed.


We emptied out the last of the free traditional alcohol "manually."

I mentioned in my article, baby carriages.

Cheryl wants to know if you won something.

The Chosun Limericks book is something I recall the RASKB library having in abundance.

Just one view from the bus stop on my way home.

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