From in front of the hotel, I had a nice view of the river. I've always admired that sloped highrise building and after seeing a particular Jackie Chan movie I've always wanted a closer look at it.

Hey, there's a building under all that green.

A more panoramic view.

And from on top of it I found stairs.

Still a nice enough view, although I imagine some parts of the hotel are noisy because of all the traffic sounds.

Inside, I couldn't go any further down. I assume this is some sort of pumping station.

The way out.

Pretty steep hill.

Now I have to figure out how to navigate several lanes of elevated traffic to get to the river.

Paris Hilton your dogs.

An image of the hotel, with older buildings behind.

A closer look.

Just a view between buildings.

An old pavilion among highrises.

A decapitated bird. "Oh, that's not ominous," I remarked.

This is the water facility I entered from above earlier.

I got to a gate where I was able to see that tent. A dog started barking and a guy came out of the green-roofed building in the lower right and turned me back.

Seen from above.

The buildings are definitely abandoned.

A little channel through the landscaping.

Under the road.

Picking my way toward civilisation.

I found myself on a fairly steep hillside. In winter, going down wouldn't be too much of a problem, but not with all this vegetation. And yes, these seem to be planted crops.

Same crops looking the other direction.

I'm going to try to make my way down to that path.


Walking along, with Lotte World Tower in the distance.

A riverside entrance to the same facility.

A place for birds to hang out.

A panorama of the same. Click for full image.

There was another door here, and some sort of rail system leading from there down to the water.

A look where you can see more of it.

This turned out not to be the name.

There is a symbol for the Seoul Street Art group that took over the complex.

Zoomed in.

Adventure complete.

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