Around Home

A view I see every day, showing three layers of development.

A pretty impressive old alley.

Dirty peaches.

This house was being used for something that looked industrial.

Oh look, Jengiy Collective moved to Seoul.

Getting ready for the election.

You've seen Foody Goody, now here's Hoody Goody.

A nice wall mural.

This old house is behind Huam Market.

Over by the intersection I go through on my way to work.

This area I don't pass very often. I had to jump a fence into a new highrise to perch on a ledge to get this view. In my defence, I saw a cat do it first.


I was surprised to see this building near my home getting some sort of treatment.

Repainted. I still love how ridiculous all the windows are. There is a big spiral staircase inside.

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