Farewell Nightmare Lab

Catching a train at Seoul Station.

This is the auditorium at the SNU Agricultural Campus, gutted. I still remember how hard it was getting in initially.

The building next door is also completely gutted and wide open. This one always had a way in somewhere, but it is in here where we found the Nightmare Lab.

In the auditorium.

Looking across at the Nightmare Lab building.

This whiteboard looks like it was used for arranging cleanup.

It was beautiful architecture.

This too.

We took evasive actions after hearing people somewhere above us. It turned out to be a hipsterish Korean guy photographing a girl in a schoolgirl uniform.

I think at this point we were still trying to maneuver to where we could see where they were.

Anyway, we outmaneuvered them.

On my previous visits these buildings had all been strictly off-limits. There now seems to be some progress on them.

This school building next door is still tightly locked, at least on the ground level.

And an empty building. It's possible I got into this one, and then we had to beat a very hasty retreat, in which I tore my beloved tiger shirt on barbwire.

Still watery.

I see some sort of cartoon character, raising its arms.

In this one case, I think not trespassing is the right call.

I recall being in this hallway before it was gutted.

Another character seen.

Okay, this wallpaper was definitely where the Nightmare Lab originally stood.

Yes, coathangers have ghosts too.

They'd removed some walls, and we could view the wallpaper from farther back.

There was another team of two boys taking photographs here. I told Coetzer they were our canaries in a coal mine. At some point, both of them jumped into hiding spots and the two of us escaped quickly.

Anyway, back in the auditorium.

Over by the more traditional school building.

One of the tightly sealed entrances.

Not so tightly sealed but not so passable either.

The main entrance.

Here I noticed the security system. A linear beam that communicates with another device and if you trip it it goes off.

Hello there.

Another building is sealed off but they put a sign out front about it.

For your benefit.

Inside another building we found a stack of hanok-style beams.

People who come here are stupid!

Top Motors?

Interesting classroom walls.

Looking mysterious.

Looks like we found a horror movie club.

Out along the main path, it looks like festival grounds.

Some of the attractions here.

This map shows some of the projects here. The Nightmare Lab is not pictured.

A future project, which looks like a restoration on a building.

I called this kitten Black Panther.

Anyway, it's Suwon, so time for some meat.

Back in Seoul among the giants.

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