Struggle Session

I think I arrived in time for Arryam.

Son Yisang is looking classy.

Then it was time to Find the Spot.

This was the moment where he made his head bleed.

Damage confirmed.

The lighting was strong enough I could get some ambient shots.

Though those lasers are quite annoying.

Struggle Session begins setting up.

Chinese aegyo.


The show starts.

My first decent jump shot in a long while.

Nevin was not very photogenically posed.

Oh look, a repeat of the previous shot only without even needing a flash.

After a shot like that, I spend the rest of my time here at my own leisure, knowing I've done my job regarding pictures.

Their drummer also doubles as a bartender.

This is quite a zombified look, even if that is something I get in trouble for doing often.

Ass bared.

Deciding whether to keep going and keep stripping.

I think all of them were here from China.

Here's a group shot out front.

And a more impromptu group shot.

Jihoon showed up from the hospital in a cast. I'm still not too sure what happened, but it seems every time Struggle Session plays GBN someone goes to the hospital.

I got into a heated discussion with the guy on the right about China's horrific presence in the world. He seemed to trust the Chinese government in what it was doing, whereas I see them the way MacArthur should have seen them in early fall 1950. We had a tense, wide-ranging argument which ended amicably, I hope.

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