We stopped to look at some of the signage here. Neither me nor Jihoon had ever heard the name "Ttaeng-ttaeng Street" before, as the area had always been called just "Gicha-gil." This passage gets pretty explicit about the poor state of affairs for indie music in Korea.

This sign gave me quite a bit of extra difficulty. Note it is upside-down, with north to the bottom. That little arc from Saikyo-ri Station to Sinchon Station was totally new to me. Looking at a modern map, we were able to discern its exact route, which is along the street where Skunk Hell I was found and now neatly forms the western border of the Hongdae area.

This was to me a big revelation and introduced me to a commuter train line, the Gyeongseong Loop, a circular line between here and Seoul and Yongsan stations, built during the Japanese occupation.

This made me smile. I only wish I moved into position better.

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