Strange Fruit

There's Patrick of Rough Cuts or DoIndie.

The idea was there was a disposable camera that the musicians could use to photograph the photographers who annoyed them. Good concept, but it didn't work out in practice.

Probably because musicians need to focus on music. And Doug is always waiting nearby to absorb any camera equipment.

Does he always do that with his tongue?

Now this is 57.

Their drummer is very good.

Last band is Say Sue Me.

Selfie time!

She looks surprised I caught her doing this.

The guy in the middle is the owner of Strange Fruit.

This comes from sometime on my journey home. That is probably my beer amid that cloud of toilet paper.

And yes, in solidarity with Verv, I think I would be less grossed out by the same bucket in a women's washroom than a men's, primarily because women's would have a lower rate of fecal matter, but also because if I wanted to rub urine into my barf-covered beard, I'd rather it be women's urine than men's.

Taking the route to the train home.

Where I am.

A familiar escalator I used to go down during construction.

I jumped the sign and walked up there anyway.

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