Hey, they've taken the cranes down.

The Hongdae I used to know had sleazy bikini bars and such. I'm assuming that's what NPYJ is. Good acronym.

I want to open a bar in Hongdae called AlcoholHolic.

An actual "Makeup Pub" complete with two women walking out wearing masks.

On my way back to Strange Fruit I kept photographing what I saw. Mediocre dancers, one who had a shirt with the back patch that says "SCHOOL RUINED MY UFE."

A girl actually just singing, and getting some attention. Further down, dudes dancing for no reason.

And here, an older dude preparing to play acoustic guitar in front of an abandoned building.

Hold on, abandoned building?

So yeah I got up in it.

The interior wasn't too interesting from what I saw. Businesses on lower floors, residential units on higher floors, still locked.

Looking out the back.

And looking out the front.

So yeah, there's a place in Hongdae appropriately called "Souled Out."

Oh yeah, there was also a toilet up here.

Enjoy, buskers.

One last one looking down enough so I could see that one busker in front.

Looking at that building.

One of the levels, probably the second.

Out in front.

And I had to see this place up close.

That department store dominates everything.

Graffiti on a parking garage or whatever.

I took this for the smoke.

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