Abandoned Stuff

I went to Sinjeong Market, to find everything gone.

Anyway, Sogeum-gil still has a bit left.

There is resistance.

This is where my friend Margarita used to live.

Margarita's front door, previously sealed.

There were three bedroom doors inside, but no idea which one she stayed in.

Decent view.

There were workers down there.

Better view.

There was a map on the wall that was in French.

Margarita's bathroom.

This was in the threshold to her neighbour.

A further back view of the place.

And her neighbour.

Walking on glass.

A better view of it.

Probably a little better.

A more wacked view.

Follow this maze to get through.

Lots of wires, cranes.

I'd been here before.

We wandered down into the middle of things and saw views like this.

By now we were getting very close to Ahyeon Market.

This house is clearly set up to protest.

We saw something and we peaced out fast. I took a few pictures on the way, as soon as I could tell the police weren't following us.

This seems to be a more major evictee place.

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