Jin A-young's village

Right as we were pulling into the village, I noticed cacti. I was like, these must be brought here. But then we pulled in, and it turned out they were native. I got off the bus and took this picture.

On our way to our next stop, we passed this statue and view. It was totally not part of the tour but irresistible for everyone.

I'd been looking at these walls for a while. They don't look strong enough to stop much of anything. They just seem to be volcanic rocks stacked up.

Heading down to the beach, I saw this. A slipper and also lots of apparently discarded sponges.

And a crab, right around where the water came out.

Oh crap, I have to catch up with them.

These rocks seemed to be stacked for a reason.

Cacti, plus ocean.

Brenda modeling for a future calendar.

I am a very big fan of whatever that girl is wearing as she scooters down this boardwalk, in front of her mom carrying a dog.

This wall of rocks seems to be somewhat more permanently glued together using whatever.

There were some nice murals on the walls.

The house sort of left of center, with two halves that are doors/windows, is where Jin A-young lived.

Other thing.

This building was very helpful for getting a better look.

This kid had devil horns.

Here is a picture of Jin A-young and a shrine to her.

I imagine walls like this must be rammed by cars all the time.

More good art.

Stuff going on in her yard.

Heading back.

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