From this location we had a beautiful view.

Here was a grave marker of some kind.

Andy wanted a picture of Ga-yoon with the marker and with Sanbangsan in the background.

Here she is getting frustrated with the whole concept. She looks happy and she probably was but she was lashing out at him.

I like this one.

This picture shows the shape of the graves in front of Sanbangsan.

This shrine has the Taegukgi for obvious reasons, same for the one to the left.

In the early 1960s, after Park Chung-hee took power, an attempted memorial to the people buried here was shattered, because they were supposedly communists. They were put in this glass box. That is the reason Jeju Islanders have been forced to stay quiet about this for the ensuing decades.

One of the Korean reporters got his hands on a turnip and just started devouring it. It actually looked pretty good.

Not taken to criticise any of the English, which has errors but I think expresses the great sadness of this place.

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