This is Ko Wan-soon, who at nine years old survived a massacre of her village.

She was 80, and lively and loud enough to speak to a whole room of people without a microphone.

Her story was horrific and she only survived because a proper military leader caught up and told them to stop killing people.

I took this picture of Ga-yoon offering live interpretation which sort of distracted her, which made me feel guilty.

After, I ran through this art gallery quickly. This seems to show a scene from the massacre.

Reminiscent of a picture in the other place.

Everyone wanted to talk to her.

Then there was a group photo and me and the other photographers were just going nuts taking pictures.

I backed off enough to get this, but didn't care about the others posing with her.

Okay, fine, there you are.

There were a lot of Japanese people on our tour. I was initially worried about their angle on this, but my coworker told me she spoke to some of them and they were on the level.

Here's a marker for the people who died here.

And I guess all their names. All these people died within two days.

If I remember correctly this is where a lot of the deaths happened?

The markers on the ground were a strong tribute to the people who fell in this village.

These two were my photographic muses the whole weekend, because of their coloured coats.

Over here they had graves for young children killed in the village massacre.

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