Gaepo Apartments

First of all, I've parked at this spot a few times, but this was the first time I noticed the banner.

Anyway, down in darkest Gaepo-dong. Behind those trees are an abandoned apartment complex.

Those ones are newer, bigger buildings that are already being worked over.

This statue was in a complex still active, about to undergo eviction.

The complexes around here have these subtle but neat signs showing the complex layouts, all handpainted.

Not the same thing.

Here's an abandoned complex we got into.

Most of the places were like this and we didn't bother going in. I don't want to go inside somewhere that has poor air circulation.

Huh, a car.

That is not the colour of Pepsi.

The exterior of a daycare in one apartment building.

And a playground.

This is inside somewhere. The interiors we saw were well-evacuated and even clean.

Getting up to the roof.

It was a weird view, like a mathematical equation expressed in architecture.

And Samsung Tower Palace was visible in the distance.

Plus an assload of cranes.

Here's an attempt to panorama one building.

Some of the trees around here were pretty impressive. This one that seems to dwarf Lotte World Tower must've been planted when the apartments were new.

Sunset time.

Lots of wires.

Heading down.

We followed after this cat.

It led us to another cat.

Both of them kept their distance from us.

We stumbled across this kindergarten castle.

That was totally locked up.

Anyway, more buildings.


In the middle of the area, we found a hill we could climb that was surrounded by urban renewal, yet not really part of it, but clearly set to be removed along with the apartments.

It also had this. As we were walking around, I struggled for a disturbingly long period of time trying to remember the word "gazebo." That's not quite what this is, but the fact I couldn't remember it still bothers me.

Another hugeass tree.

Kids' equipment.

One of the commercial buildings throughout the complex. I'm very curious how lively these would've been.

These signs about using the gas looked pretty old.

We kept walking and started to run into people. Two were young security guards, and others were dog-walkers. The security guards were pursuing us at a walking pace, and I specifically stopped to let them catch up to see what would happen. They wanted to ask us where we were from, and we probably got more out of them than they did out of us.

Ahead was this exit with a protest van in front.

Looking at it from the other side.

Another handpainted map of the complex.

This was in front of a site already under construction.

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