RASKB 2cha and 3cha

Here's our lecturer, Henny, with Bryan from Yonhap.

Then we went to a third place.

I met the guy on the left at a reggae show last summer. And her, I was giving some pointers to on how to look good in a picture. I got her to stick her chin out and all sorts of things, but in the end the best picture was the one where she was smiling for real.

Amy stole my camera and we talked a lot about Caribbean music.

Joann later left her book, which I am still in possession of.

Henny is about as fun in real life as he looks in this picture, which must have been taken at 1:30am on a Wednesday morning.

Looks like Michael is making a move on the photographer.

I think this is a great picture of her.

And of him.

And of him.

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