Abandoned Neighbourhood

I climbed into a yard, where I found this semi-deflated soccer ball, signed by various conservative politicians.

None of them seem particularly impressive, just guys with city-level seats.

I'd been waiting for a clear shot at the buildings here, without any workers around.

This panorama could've come out looking better.

This is the house I believe is still inhabited.

Some of the machines nearby.

At least this panorama is a little smoother.

This is what I wanted to photograph here, just wanton destruction before a wall of concrete.

We foudn an interesting-coloured house with a fold-out ironing board.

In an alley.

Not sure what the circles mean.

We saw a cat on an adjacent roof. I could tell when she turned and waddled away, she was very pregnant.

I dropped a can of cat food up there after.

Time to go downstairs.

A less fortunate cat.

A wasted meal for a cat.

What kind of Korean household would have this picture hanging in the kitchen?

A published thesis.

This was out in an alley.

This cat saw us and didn't run. I got the impression it had just given up. Unfortunately I was out of cat food.

Behind the area, there was this hill that looked long unused.

Here too.

A better image of the Olympic picture we found.

And another look at the druid's room.

That crazy tree from above.

A few from the roof.

A bunch of cats.

I went back to the house with the soccer ball. It had a nice yard.

And an eagle.

And Wehayeux wine, the best possible romanisation I've seen.

There was a lot of abandoned alcohol. Tempting, but no thanks.

Women of Modern Science.

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