I like taking pictures of buildings with my friends' names, and I don't think I've ever had the right timing to get this one.

It was a long light, so here's some construction.

As I went along an overpass, I spotted this house. I had to take a detour and go back over the overpass to find it again.

In this view you can more easily tell it has another wing, and there's another building across the yard.

The interior is damaged by fire.

The stairs still somehow look strong.

The upstairs is brittle with fire damage.

Time to go back down.

The floor is covered with smashed roof tiles.

Old newspapers in the walls.

Looking out into the yard.

Here's the other house.

Whenever I see a stereo like this with the CD and tape parts open, I imagine Buster was there opening it all. Though he would've removed the CD.

The interior wasn't so nice.

The window was nice.

A look at all the tiles.

And that door.

Then I went to the abandoned neighbourhood I'd been aiming for.

I suspect this home is still occupied.

The lighting wasn't great, but I aimed to return soon.

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