Northern Seoul

Just a balcony.

Just a place where Santa better fucking stop by.

A nearby daycare.

In one alley, we found this tiger.

From one window, we looked across the alley and saw this view. What the hell is that? To me it looks like something from HR Giger's mind.

A fairly cheap roof.

We walked into this place and found a tree growing in the middle of it.

And here is what we saw. A very weird textured mirror.

This looks quite artificially made. Doesn't explain the vines on the walls, or the tree growing downstairs.

This house also happened to have this image from the 1988 Summer Olympics, a pretty huge coincidence considering.

We found a poster showing the two Koreas shaking hands. Also pretty timely.


Gritty surface.

Interesting view.

This is the view downhill.

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